Saturday, August 28, 2010

digging the new doo’s…

Check out our rockin’ new doo’s! 

Ella Claire:




Check out the curls Mrs. Kimmy helped us tame!  Ella LOVES to get her hair “done.”  She just stares in the mirror in awe.  I hope she always says “I’m Beautiful.” You are baby girl, inside and out!

Audrey Anne:



How is she looking so old in these pictures?!  My sweetie in her first ponytail!  I love that face…reminds me of her Daddy.

Now if we could do something with my roots we would be all be good to go!  Ha!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

Due to Premier Designs (and immense love for my family and *most* things back “home”) it seems the girls and I are taking monthly stints to Jackson County.  I strongly feel God will one day move us back, but until then, we enjoy the open fields, lazy days, and daily Wally World trips that these trips bring.  Most of all, we enjoy FAMILY!  Here are a few snapshots of last weeks trip!  It was so nice to spend Mama’s last week of summer break together…oh, and these trips always fill Daddy’s I-just-retired-and-only-fish-and-shop calendar as well;)

One day, we ventured to the river – Daddy’s sacred ground!  Ella tends to prefer the swings rather than the fish.



100 points to the person who correctly guesses who is the bigger kid??????????????? (And please excuse that ridiculous shirt my dad has on…it was his prized $2 find from Wal-Mart that day…sigh.)






Ella even convinced Mamaw to join the fun!



Audrey discovered a new and exciting playground trick…



I am always so thankful for the joy when these four are together!



Next time we will have to get the camera out at the Basford farm :)  There’s a lot of joy there too!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Late Twenties ;)

It may be all downhill from here…or maybe the best is yet to come…either way, my husband totally outdid his normally card-and-present self on this birthday in 2010.  Y’all, the man baked.  A cake.  With cream cheese icing.  That’s my man!


The birthday weekend began with Daddy and the girls entering the kitchen.  I wasn’t sure what may happen so just decided to run away…to JoAnn’s.  Doesn’t everyone want to run away to there?!  I came back home to a baked cake, happy children, and my home still standing.  Somebody was speaking my love language!

After the kids went to bed, Jonathan and I had a night full of laughs as he decorated this baby…

DSC_0802 I mean, I do love America, but this is what you get when you combine 1) a husband who never bakes with 2) a small town grocery store with limited ammunition!  And I absolutely love it!

The next morning The Others and the Immeasurably More clan all headed to the beach for a fun in the sun day all planned by my darling!  We splashed and ate sand for about an hour before the trifecta hit.  In a matter of SECONDS, rain began soaking every inch of our belongings.  Half-naked children + rain pellets falling faster than the speed of bullets + beach sand turning to mud + an 8 mile trek + 1,328 beach “necessities” = GREAT memories!  I was laughing so hard I could hardly walk!!  I really wouldn’t trade that moment for anything!  We waited the rain out while we bribed our children with candy played with our children under the shelter and then made our way to a local restaurant! 



DSC_0807  DSC_0809

DSC_0815  DSC_0817

It was perfect, darling!

And look what found a new home on our porch…a new deck box!  The man went to Pier 1 and picked out this beautiful gem!  I didn’t even know he was aware Pier 1 was a store!  I was totally surprised!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buzz and Jessie


Two weekends ago, our little Jessie had her main man Buzz (AKA Jackson) over for our first we-have-no-reason-except-we-love-you  cousin sleepover!  It seems just like yesterday sweet Jackson was just a little chubby fellow in my arms – now he is a 4 year old space man…and now there are five cousins.  Can you say “reproduce?”   Jackson is a terrific little leader of the crew and Ella dances right along with him!

Friday night was spent playing Buzz and Jessie as they ate, frolicked, and bathed!  Saturday we all got up late (amen) and headed to our local splash park!  There must be something synonymous with BASFORD and RAIN, because the flood gates opened as we drove up.  Never fear, if we can’t splash we can ALWAYS eat!  We headed to Beef O’ Brady’s for some grub (and boys sure can EAT…I feel sorry for my dear Laura’s grocery budget in 10 years with THREE boys!)  DSC_0680DSC_0676


As we finished the sun started shining and we headed over to the splash park!  It was LOVED by all and no one wanted to leave! 

DSC_0685 DSC_0697DSC_0700

One of our favorite things to do: Ring-a-Round-the-Rosy!  By the third round we had 3 other children join us!


A million bucks if you can name the child that doesn’t like to get her hair wet!!


DSC_0717DSC_0694 Baby, you get it honest and I love you for that!  

We headed into town that evening to meet the others and hand over Buzz.  I had to snag one last picture of Buzz in, of all things, a pink car seat.  It may be the most pink he ever sees.  And he will probably want to hurt me for this later in life…haha!


We love you, Buzz!