Monday, September 13, 2010

Three Years and Fifteen Months

The little ladies took a trip to see Dr. Grooms for their well-child visits!  They both did great while we were there, even through a nasal mist and 4 shots. 

Apparently Goldfish are way more exciting than my camera…ha!


Ella Claire 

Height: 39 inches (90%)

Weight: 34.5 pounds (75%)

Audrey Anne

Height: 29.5 inches (25%)

Weight: 21 lbs 4 oz (25%)

So thankful for my healthy youngins!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Ballet Class

Before we ever married brothers, Laura and I were best friends.  Among many things, we shared a deep love of dance.  We danced for years together, choreographed songs at church, and daydreamed of Ballet Magnificat.  We also dreamed that one day our own littles would attend dance and the love affair would continue! 

I will never forget the day we found out our first little bundle of joy would be dressed in pink.  It only took a matter of seconds for pink tights and leather ballet shoes to enter my mind’s eye (and Aunt Laura had just opened her own ballet studio).  As Ella grew, her love of music and dance just exploded.  The girl had moves at 10 months that her daddy didn’t have at 26;)  I could not WAIT until Ella turned three so she could share that love with other little girls!

As we pulled up to Laura’s School of Ballet, Ella was beyond excited!  And I was about to cry.  It was such a full circle moment for me.  Dance was one of my first loves in life.  At different times it was fun, emotional, raw, hard, and frustrating.  Most importantly, it was something I also used to worship our Creator!  And now my sweet love was about to begin her own journey with it.  To top it off, Aunt Laura was teaching!

Needless to say, ballet is all we have talked about this week!  She did a great job – Aunt Laura says she’s a natural;)

Just look at what she did when I told her to take a picture!



Ella Claire and her beloved Aunt Laura!

DSC_1220 DSC_1221


Ella and some of the girls in her class! She was beside herself being with ALL GIRLS!


We can’t wait until next week!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Princess and her Party!

As Ella’s third birthday began approaching, I knew it had to include two things…dress up and princesses.  Now, seeing as how the majority of Ella’s friends are of the male gender, I knew I had to come up with something that could have a masculine touch, yet still honor my little girl’s most favorite things.  While searching the internet I found a fabulous Princess and Knight party by Jodi.  This gal knows what she is doing and was kind enough to give me costume pointers!  Now all I needed was an army of servants volunteers!!!  My best friend Mandi and darling husband came to my rescue and helped me crank out 14 costumes and a fairytale cardboard castle.  Oh, and lest forget the day-of-party helpers who saved the day!  My mother in law finished all those castle bricks while my own beloved mama wrangled kids and cut fruit!  Love those ladies!

Welcome to Ella’s Castle!

As the kiddos entered, they were dressed in their personalized princess or knight costume and headed to the backyard for the festivities!


DSC_1073 DSC_1072

Craft table for the kiddos!  The girls had crowns, princess stickers, wands, and necklaces.

DSC_1077 DSC_1079

Little knights got to decorate their own  shields and swords (balloon swords, mind you – ha!)  Y’all, have you ever tried to make one of those balloon shapes…my father-in-law almost passed out just trying to BLOW the thing up!  Kudos to Magic Mike – you have our sincere respect for your balloon-shaping talent!


 Out in the yard, guests could choose the princess table or the knight table for their eating pleasure!



And here’s Ella’s castle in all its glory! 



Once all the princesses and knights had arrived and played a little while, a special guest show up – Princess Belle herself!  We do not watch many Disney movies (because of content), but Beauty and the Beast is on our [short] list.

I owe my niece a big, fat birthday present for this one ;)  Ella was AMAZED by her.  She dazzled the little princesses with one of Ella’s favorite stories, Birthday Presents by Cynthia Rylant, and even sang our current family favorite tune, Beauty and the Beast.  Good thing “Belle” is such a good singer!



One of the sweetest moments of the entire party came courtesy of a certain little fella who has quite the personality.  As Belle sang our tune, Knight JJ came to Princess Ella and said, “Ella, can I ask you a question?  Will you dance with me?”  And that is just what they did!

I didn’t know whether to be smitten by the genuine sweetness of our fair-haired friend, or grab my sweet princess, run to Lowe’s, and purchase the strongest lock I could find for her bedroom door.  I decided not to cause a scene and just soak up the innocence – and maybe order the lock on Amazon ;)




Ella loved her castle cake (and I even went to bed BEFORE midnight)!



We love you, Sweet Princess Ella! 

We are SO proud of your sweet spirit and caring heart. You always look to help and never go a day without telling someone they are beautiful!  You love to cuddle, kiss my cheek, and sing into any microphone. You light up any room you waltz into and never meet a stranger.

Baby, we want you to know that YOU are the beautiful one!  Inside and out God has crafted you into a remarkable little girl.  You touch lives in such a special way.

Right now, being a princess to you means wearing a dress and crown, and twirling across the floor.  It makes you feel so special and beautiful.  Your Daddy and I want you to always feel like that princess - special, beautiful, loved, and unique.  Because you are, baby.  You are our princess.  Most of all, you our God’s princess, and there will never be a more beautiful you. 

We cherish you!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friends are Friends Forever

Charyl and I have been friends since our days in Show Choir and “Footloose” on the campus of Chipola Junior College!  This girl has been with me through MANY phases of my life and God saw fit for us to enter motherhood together – just 2 days apart!  I will never forget that phone call when we “both had something to tell each other!”  Now there are FIVE of them and it is such a rare occasion for us to both be in “back home” at the same time!  I love this girl and treasure our time together…and we plan on much more time as we have already betrothed our eldest!  Ha!

DSC_0988 Charyl and either Karis or Katie (they aren’t identical, but there is no way I could tell them apart!) and me and Audrey (who was waaayyy past nap time!)

DSC_0965 Her beautiful girls!  I still can’t believe she had twins!

DSC_0964 These two are quite something together!


And just for fun!

Ty and Ella - 2010



Ty and Ella – 2008

6ella and ty

It’s in her genes.

Many (many) years ago there once lived a little girl who loved to talk.  Conversation was her favorite hobby.  She would lose herself amid all the blabber on the first grade playground.  And it never failed – she would trip.  Over the cement block, over the bulging tree root, over her friends new Sam & Libby’s, even over her own Keds.  Every time her knees served once again as the butt of the fall. 

Well, that little girl was yours truly, and it all came full circle when I heard the screams from the wagon after church last Sunday.  It had happened – it’s in her genes. 

She’s a trooper, though!