Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas 2010 [number three]

I love traditions, and the Basfords love to fill me up on it!  Every year we wake up to buttermilk biscuits and sawmill gravy and every year we have Christmas pajamas to wear.  Usually those pajamas come from Old Navy, but this year was different.  This year was the year of the monogram!  Let’s all stand and sing Hallelujah because I know of a certain mother-in-law who just got her own beloved monogramming machine.  I think I just shouted amen!  We LOVE that thing, so pajamas this year were monogrammed.  And let me know tell you, all the men were just thrilled ;)  But they humored us anyway!


My boys excited!


Audrey cheesing with her cute monogrammed shirt and wild child hair!


Look at those beautiful knives!  These were prayed for by many!!


And what is Christmas morning without a little shooting practice?


Strutting his stuff…gun in the holster, monogrammed shirt, and brand new converse shoes…haha!


Somebody was lovin’ on Uncle Seth!


Westin is such a cutie!  I could eat him with a spoon!


They all look so happy on the couch!


Audrey has decided she dislikes any wet diaper and wanted hers changed RIGHT THEN!  That would be in the middle of the floor during the family gift exchange!


Adam.  It’s always something at Christmas!


One tired and blessed family!


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Laura said...

Great pictures:) Weston's name is Weston not Westin:) might want to edit that:)