Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas 2010 [number one]

Although I really (mostly) love (dread) the hustle and bustle of our north Florida Christmas crazy, I especially love the day before we leave.  You see, that is the day we do our first Christmas, just us!  The day plays like any Christmas day, it’s just not 12.25 on the calendar.  And who cares?!

The girls are still so young (and our family spoils us so much) that we do VERY small Christmas around here.  Although, this year may be our last year getting away with that one!  So, we try to stick with only stocking stuffers.  Except someone may or may not have upped the stocking quota to two this year for a couple of blue eyed babes…but whose counting…and who can fault a girl for falling in love with Pottery-Barn-stockings-found-on-ebay anyway?!

Here are a few cute shots of present (stocking) time!


Ella has been longing to build herself a bear for quite some time at our local mall, so we decided our Christmas day was the day to go!  I will warn you now, be prepared to part over some dough in that store!!!!  Especially if your darling 3 year old sets her eye on Clarice, the reindeer.  You know, the one with four feet instead of two.  Oh, and did I mention Clarice can skate?!  You only need two sets of skates for that!  It was all worth it though just watching that little reindeer skate down the mall corridor with her red bow, pink prom dress, and pink leash pulled by one cute little preschooler!


I present to you: Clarice and Doggie!


What a great day with all my loves!


Charon Benton said...

awww..sweet! My youngest has never been to Build A Bear, but my oldest has been a few times. They NEVER want ANY of the extras (must be a boy thing), so we get out rather cheap!

Danielle said...

Girl, you've been BUSY!!! I have just spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME reading all those blog posts! HA! Glad you're catching up! :)