Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Baby, She’s a Changin’

I hesitate to even write this post.  Maybe because it means that it is true.  Maybe I am in denial.  But my baby is growing up, y’all.  She is the age Ella was when I had her.  Crazy! 

The last month Audrey has been VERY interested in the potty.  The last few days she has told me “Potty” each time she is peeing in her diaper.  The other day she stood up in the tub, while peeing, and yelled “Potty!”  Jonathan asked me what I was going to do about that, and I told him to put her back in the tub;)  Can it be potty training time again…already?!  Nooooo!  I am thinking we may have boot camp in a few weeks…ugh.

Taking a look at the following pictures, I am thinking she all but yelling at me to potty train her.  And I am all but ignoring it…just sayin.

Here she is changing the baby’s diaper!


And look whose joined the table!  Both girls made switches…Ella in a big chair and Audrey in the toddler chair.  They were both pleased with the change…and the pizza!



Sarah said...

They're just so cute!

Charon Benton said...

awwww....she is a growin' up "mama"!! And so stinkin' cute!