Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Evening with a Princess


Infatuation with princesses has certainly not waned one bit in the Basford abode.  Our favorite princess is the brunette heroin from Beauty and Beast, Belle.  When I heard Beauty and the Beast’s national tour was stopping in Gainesville for three days, I may have jumped for joy!  As part of Christmas, New Years, and every other holiday for the next year, we took our little princess to see a princess.  And, folks, the night was worth every arm and leg we had to give to pay for it!  It was simply an unforgettable evening.  They had perhaps one of the most beautiful stages I have ever seen in a show (and we Basfords love our musicals)! 


The unforgettable moment of the evening came when Belle, dressed in her famous yellow dress, finally danced with Beast.  It was the moment Ella couldn’t stop asking for, and it was finally here!  I wish I could describe the look on her precious face – lips pursed together in an “I’m trying to contain myself” smile, hands clasped together, sitting up straight as an arrow, eyes as wide as the moon – she was mesmerized.  And I was mesmerized by nothing but her.  I cried.  Ella began frantically clapping a full ten seconds before the song ended. 


During intermission, Ella asked for my phone.  She immediately opened the picture window and began taking pictures of the curtain.  We like’ta died laughing!  She is certainly my daughter!!!


So thankful for a beautiful evening with our little princess.

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